The 10 Most Important Types of People to Know

1. The ones who are always willing to offer their advice, but don’t resent you when you do your own thing.

2. The ones who you can call at 2am and will answer concerned and not annoyed.

3. The ones who believe in you, and tell you so.

4. The ones who will listen when you need to talk something through or get something off your chest, and thank you for sharing.

5. The ones who won’t rush to end long pauses, and even sit silently with you.

6. The ones who are happy when you need help, so they can take the chance to prove their friendship.

7. The ones who will ask for your help when they need it.

8. The ones who will not value you based on your status but on your heart.

9. The ones who will tell you when you are wrong.

10. The ones who will dare to be vulnerable with you, and with whom you are safe to be vulnerable in return.


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