Although I always knew I had been named after T.E. Lawrence, the famed “Lawrence of Arabia” portrayed in the 1962 British epic film, I didn’t actually see the movie until well into my 20s. When I finally had, I was mesmerized by Lawrence’s bravery, his civility and moral fortitude and his unbelievable gift of empathy that allowed him to forge deep bonds with people from a culture very different from his own.

When a South African classmate began calling me Lawrence of America during a semester at the University of Cape Town, the name just stuck.

I relate to T.E. Lawrence, because he believed he could find commonalities among vastly different people that would allow them to share respect and prosperity. T.E. Lawrence struggled to offer his gifts in a backdrop of war and conflict, but I struggle in the world of business; to do what I can to bring people together for the greater good in a time of increasing wealth disparity and diminishing resources worldwide.

I hope you will join me as I try to make the world a better place through the tool of capitalism, my sense of adventure and the simple belief that “nothing is written”


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